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What To Know About The Xen Sensor

What is the Xen Sensor?

The Xen Sensor is cutting edge feedback technology. The sensor plugs into any standard PC or Mac computer USB port, and then the ear clip comfortably clips onto the ear lobe. Through that ear clip, detailed real-time data on your heart rate and transmitted into the software, measuring an accurate picture of how stressed or calm you are, right at that moment.

What software programs are available to use with the Xen Sensor?

Currently, we have two programs in our library available – FineLife Vol. 1: Sample The Universe as well as Journey to Fine Life. Other program are currently in development.

What is ‘Xen’?

Xen is the bliss of mind and body, thoughts and emotions, aligning with the present moment.

What is a Xen score? And how is that calculated?

The Xen score reflects your physical and mental state, combining your state of relaxation, clear mind, and physiology. To achieve the best possible Xen score, (lower is better) try breathing slow and easy, staying still, slowing down your heart rate, and keeping your mind as clear as possible. You’ll see the results on the graph as you progress.

What are the benefits of using programs offered by

The feedback programs can give you more awareness of your own internal states of consciousness. Other possible benefits include the potential for a clearer state of mind, heightened powers of imagination, greater understanding of the mind/body connection, reduced feelings of stress, and more energy and relaxation, focus.