Biofeedback gives you fast results. Why? Instant feedback loop. With the Xen sensor, you know instantly if what you’re doing is working. Books/dvd’s, you need to read, watch or listen, experiment, wait and adjust. You never know if it's working well or not. Gain confidence and success, faster, resulting in compounding confidence in results. Compounding confidence.

We've found those who answer "Yes" to any of the following get the most benefit from Fine Life:

  • People looking for the benefits of Meditation, Mindfulness, or experiencing the power and joy of the Mind/Body Connection.
  • (We collectively call Meditation, Mindfulness, Mind/Body Training, Yogic Breathing, etc. a "Practice")
  • People who just want to feel their best, smile more, relax, relieve, and recover, escaping the stress-filled rat race, and the vile political landscape.
  • People who are looking for an escape from a world that feels like it crashing down around them.
  • Parents who are looking for a drug-free, non-violent "video game" experience as an outlet for kids who are rambunctious and out of control.
  • Business people and professionals who look to the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to help them in their business or career.
  • People who want to connect with something outside of themselves, to tap into sources of power and peace we can't find in modern life.



Combining cutting-edge technology with the Wisdom traditions gives Fine Life its unique position. Most people who take up a meditation or mindfulness practice fail to experience the benefits. Frustration and confusion culminate in the #1 problem:"Am I doing it Right?". Books, DVD's online courses and CD's have no mechanism for giving you any kind of feedback. You are just left to guess, wonder, and if you're stubborn, keep going blindly ahead. Books, DVD's online courses and CD’s are created for a “generic, average person”, and is no way personalized. Fine Life is 100% personalized, creating an experience unique for you.

The Xen Xen device connects to your Mac / PC computer & earlobe, and is your most direct path to instant, personalized feedback on how your mind and body interact. See instantly on-screen how different thoughts, affirmations, emotions, breathing, even posture can affect your peace of mind and productivity. 

This is where we turn technology into your friend. The Xen biofeedback hardware picks up subtle signals from your body, and Fine Life Xen device compatible software interprets these signals for you, giving you instant feedback you can use. With Fine Life, you receive instruction and training, and then you get to put it to use. You know instantly if you're doing it right, or if you need to make an adjustment.

It is like a lie detector for your soul. If you are being authentic and honest with yourself, your Xen Score will reflect it. If you are fighting internally, and you mind, body, thoughts, and emotions are not in alignment, you'll see it and be able to make instant adjustments you can carry with you all day, every day of your life.

This knowledge and certainty creates a phenomenon known as "Compounding Confidence", and leads to rapid growth and advancement towards all the benefits of these practices, including: 

  • Deep, powerful meditation, literally at the touch of a button
  • Clearer thinking, heightened creativity and problem solving ability
  • Dramatic reduction in feelings of tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Feeling a new sense of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing
  • Improved focus, concentration, memory and ability to learn
  • Increased motivation and confidence in all areas of life
  • Better, deeper, more restorative sleep
  • More happiness and flow in life. Smile more.

You'd think everyone would want to share in these life-improving benefits. But many people come upon roadblocks that keep them from realizing the benefits. Here are the four most common impediments:

1. Just don't believe in or understand the mind/body connection, or are skeptical

2. Need a coach or mentor, but they aren't easy to find, and can cost alot of money

3. Once started, "what's next"? How do you advance?

4. Boredom or feeling like the process is repetitive

1. It's natural to be skeptical about the mind/body connection. I certainly was when first starting. In science class we were taught the brain and the body are separate, and we take it as fact. Even though we know our palms can sweat and our heart can pound when we're excited, or scared. This is where the XenGrapher comes in. It takes the raw data the Xen picks up from your body, and displays it in graphical form on your computer screen. You can see instantly what effect different thoughts, affirmations, emotions, breathing, even posture have on your body. Once you've started using the XenGrapher, you no longer have ANY doubt about the power of the mind/body connection.

2. Coaches or Mentors, expensive and hard to find. For an experienced, effective mentor, you can easily spend thousands of dollars for multiple sessions, or a single weekend seminar. And you are locked into their schedule, adding travel time to the investment you make. It can be a difficult, time consuming proposition, and is a significant roadblock. Fine Life will include mentors in our programs, all standouts in their field. Fine Life will take you step-by-step through sections, a mentor guiding you each step of the way. You know when you've completed the event that you've learned the lessons of that section. There are multiple difficulty levels, making Fine Life program infinitely re-usable.