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FineLife Vol. 1: Sample the Universe is the first of two software programs we’ve created at to be used along with the Xen Sensor biofeedback training tool. The sensor detects your heart rate and then the program puts this information into its scientific algorithm that it uses to detect your level of relaxation via your breath and heart rate.

This program is made to be used online in conjunction with Through YouTube, you have a vast resource of different types of guided mediations or relaxing music and sounds to listen to or watch while you meditate.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded and installed the Sample the Universe program onto your Mac or PC, you then do the following:

  1. Open the program, and chose the size, resolution and windowed/unwindowed format that is best for your computer system and screen size.
  2. Plug in the Xen Sensor into the USB port on your computer. Attach the sensor to your ear lobe, and check the screen to be sure that the sensor status shows ‘Connected’. (A green light appears)

From that screen you’ll see the tabs for My Journey, Journal, and How to & Tips, and Begin. If you’re ready to meditate and use the program, press Begin.

From this screen you will then see a list of any ‘Favorite’ meditations that you have saved to revisit, and a slider bar beneath to allow you to scroll through them. To play one of those videos simply click on that video and that places that url into the YouTube url box. When we send you the program initially, we have a few examples for you already listed there.

If you don’t have a favorite you wish to play, go to YouTube and simply search for what type of mediation you wish to play, select one and copy and paste that url into that same box.

Then, you select the Session Time from the top of the screen. Several default times are provided for you, or you may choose your own custom time that you wish to meditate for. Then press the ‘Next’ button

Focus Screen – you are then taken to a screen where you can enter in affirmations or positive words or phrases you wish your mind to focus on during your meditation. You may enter up to six, or have none and leave the boxes blank. Then press ‘Begin Session’ and you’re ready to start your meditation time.

You’ll be taken to the main screen now of the program where the Xen Sensor will record your session and where the actual meditation you selected from YouTube will play. You’ll be given a 30 second countdown initially to prepare yourself, make sure your Xen Sensor is attached, and that you are seated in a comfortable position. Now relax, enjoy and breathe into this meditation time, and see before you your heart rate tracked on the graph as you slowly begin to relax.

At the end of each meditation session, you can discard the session, or Add it to your Journal.

Journal Entry

Journaling these observations can be very helpful over time as you will gain insight into both your physiology and your mental state both before and after your meditation times. You’ll also start to note which types of meditations may be more relaxing to you than others. And of course, if you find a meditation that you particularly enjoyed, be sure to save it to your Favorites.

Edit Favorites

From the first screen where you select the meditation you will watch or listen to, click the Edit Favorites button. This opens to a new screen that will show you both your Recent Videos on the bottom, and your current Favorites list on the top. To remove a Favorite from that list, simply hit the trash can symbol in the upper right hand corner. To add a new one that you have just watched, simply hit the plus symbol in the upper left corner, and it will be listed among your Favorites. 

My Journey

This is where you track your progress over time, see your levels, and review the inspirational messages you’ve unlocked through your time spent meditating. As you progress, more and more will be revealed to you. Review your current Focus Terms, and see insightful statistics about your journey.

Other training tips and instructions are available also from inside of the Sample the Universe program itself. We hope you enjoy using this program and are able to see the benefits of your mediation time and feel the improvements it will make throughout your life!