Meditation is a simple and inexpensive activity that anyone can practice without the need of using any special equipment. Whether you’re in the middle of a commute, waiting for a client in an appointment or even in a business meeting with colleagues, you can easily practice meditation.

Most people perform meditation as a way to clear their mind and alleviate current health issues such as anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. Apart from enjoying the health benefits, many people also develop a sense of peace, calm and balance through meditation.

Various Ways To Perform Meditation

Meditation comes in various types and forms with each type having the same goal of achieving inner peace. You would know that meditation happens when your mind becomes free from agitation and that it has achieved serenity, calmness and peace.

Mantra meditation is the type of meditation that is performed by repeating a calming word, phrase or thought in a silent way in order to prevent thoughts that are distracting in nature.

Guided meditation is the act of forming mental images of certain places or situations that have a relaxing appeal. Doing this type would involve using as many types of senses as you possibly can. These include sounds, smells, sights and textures. Sometimes, a guide or teacher is needed to lead the meditation process.

Qi gong, which is part of the traditional medicine among the Chinese, is a combination of 4 elements that can help in restoring and maintaining one’s balance. These include physical movement, relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises.

Mindfulness meditation, as the name implies, is done by increasing one’s awareness of the present moment as well as accepting that you’re living in the present. Doing this type allows you to widen your conscious awareness, focus on the current experience while meditating, and observe your emotions and thoughts. 

Transcendental meditation is done by silently repeating a personally assigned mantra in a specific way. The assigned mantra can be a sound, a word, or a phrase. Doing this type will allow your body to be in a state of profound rest and your mind to gain inner peace without exerting any effort or concentration on your part.

Tai chi is a gentle form of martial arts by the Chinese which is done by performing a series of movements or postures that are self-paced, slow and graceful while also doing some deep breathing.

Yoga involves performing a series of postures as well as controlled breathing exercises for the purpose of gaining a more flexible body and a calmer mind. It requires balance and concentration while moving through the poses.