Manifestation is the belief that through regular positive and constructive thought, we can make our dreams and desires become a reality. In other words, if you really want something and truly believe it is possible, it will happen. On the other hand, if you dwell on what you don’t want to happen, giving it lots of attention and thought, that will probably happen too. It revolves around the New Age concept of the Law of Attraction, recently popularized by the book, “The Secret”. But this concept has been around a long time, from the ancient Hindu concept of “karma”, to the Bible, “now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good” Corinthians 12:7.

So just thinking about something will make it come true? That sounds too easy, and if it were that simple, wouldn’t we all have what we want already? Well, it is that simple but then again it isn’t. Let’s explain that. What is often missed when explaining manifestation is not only do we need to envision what we want but we need to emotionally feel it. We need to imagine it as if were already true. The issue is that for many that is hard to do because it is too much of a “stretch”. For us to suddenly feel beautiful and thin when we have felt unattractive and overweight our whole life can be hard. If we have lived paycheck to paycheck for most of our life, it is almost impossible to believe we are financially abundant. So how do we get around that?

A key component to manifestation is to be in the present. When our energy is fully fixed in the present, we aren’t being resistant to what we are wanting to manifest. If we don’t offer this resistance, the desire will come faster. But when we live in the past and think about how long we have been waiting for our wish to come true, we are feeling fear and negativity. What if it we never get what we want? This fear stops our desire from happening because we are mentally struggling against its fulfillment. What we need to do is stick to the present and not think about what is causing us pain and heartache; stop generating thoughts about it. When we do this, we are no longer bringing all the baggage from the past or fear of the future, and we are then able to feel peace and joy. This puts us on the right track to manifest what we want.

1.)  Manifestation says that:

A.   Whatever we want we will get, always

B.   Thinking positively will allow us to achieve our desires

C.    Was developed by the authors of the book, The Secret

D.   Giving negative thoughts attention creates positive results

E.    Revolves around the New Age concept of Reincarnation

2.)  Manifestation is mentioned in the Bible:

A.   True

B.    False

3.)  A key component to manifestation is:

A.   To live in the past

B.    The fear of never achieving our goal helps us in get there

C.    Be fully fixed in the present

D.   To feel it emotionally

E.    Both C & D


4.)  If we have always been without money, it is easy to imagine ourselves with lots of it:

A.   True

B.   False



5.)  Knowing what we want will always get us what we want:

A.   True

B.   False