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  • Double your resources of patience and put an end to people and circumstances out of your control driving you insane
  • Become 10X more focused, productive, and crush your personal and work goals
  • Find out how to not just shove stress to the back of your mind but actually resolve it in any situation and connect to your inner power

Millions of people across the globe swear by meditation as the solution that helps them feel amazing in their mind and body, improve their relationships, and perform exponentially better at work.

Who is behind the Fine Life? 

Hi, we are Jean and Kyle – former victims of insomnia who couldn’t sleep at night or switch off our minds and feelings of worry ever (not even when we went on a beach vacation to the Caribbean). 

Sick of feeling tired all the time, we turned to meditation and it changed our lives. We studied and met with Zen Masters such as our good friend Nissim Amon, creator of the 10-minute body scan meditation, on our journey to improving our sleep, bettering our relationship by becoming less irritable and reactive, and feeling all-around calmer. 

But here’s the thing – we’re science junkies and just believing that meditation was helpful was not enough. We demanded to see how exactly it works. This is why we worked for years to bring the two together and create a system that tracks your exact biofeedback metrics as you meditate. So you can do it right each time. And get better day after day. 

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A Few Words From Our Fine Life Customers…

“Instant, deep, Zen-like meditation at the touch of a button. Very, very happy with my Fine Life Bundle.”

Mary Doyle

“I’m not someone that would meditate often but Fine Life has changed that. I really understand meditation much better, and it has truly changed my life because I am more focused than ever before.”

Jillian Vivian

“Fine Life and the Xen Sensor is a biofeedback system for your computer that provides the benefits of meditation and spiritual awakening in a single program.”

Kelly Johnson

High School Teacher