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The Story of Wild Divine

By Kyle Widner, Owner, Wild Divine Inc., 2008-2016

The original Wild Divine was founded by Kurt Smith and Corwin Bell in 2002. The original game was called “The Passage”, and was highly innovative. It was the first video game to incorporate biofeedback as the primary game mechanic. The biofeedback device was called the “Lightstone”, and connected to Mac/PC via USB and 3 finger sensors. The graphics were absolutely stunning and gorgeous for the time. By 2005 there was a sequel, “Wisdom Quest” that continued the journey. In 2006, a derivative training program called “Healing Rhythms” was launched, moving away from gaming. The form factor of the Lightstone was changed to be sleaker and more modern, and renamed the “Iom”.

By 2008, for a variety of reasons, Wild Divine was performing very poorly as a company, and engaged Brian Callahan of Markwood Capital to find a buyer.

With a backstory too long to tell here, in early 2008 I purchased a Wild Divine unit at the Chopra Center, in LaCosta, California. It blew me away. Learning the breathing techniques, especially the “Heart Breath” was a game changer. So deceptively simple, and so effective in real life, not just the game. About the same time, my wife Jean and I sold a collection of e-commerce sites we had built in the Home & Garden niche, with Brian Callahan representing us. About six months later, Brian Callahan called me and told me Wild Divine, the company, was for sale.

In November, 2008, the deal closed, and there was work to do! The technology challenges were immense…. But slowly, we overcame the issues, and were able to launch a series of new titles, including “Eagle Mountain” with Nawang Khechong, and “Zen Journey” with Zen Master Nissim Amon.

I never considered myself the “Owner” of Wild Divine, but its caretaker. The original games were works of art that represented a heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place, and I consider myself fortunate to have had a role in keeping it going.

But alas, by 2016, it was time for a new caretaker, and we bid farewell to Wild Divine.

Kyle Widner
Managing Director, Fine Life

PS: Fast forward to 2024…. There was supposed to be a 3rd game in the series after “The Passage” and “Wisdom Quest”, but it never got completed. Using some members of the old Wild Divine team, we have decided to launch it as a Fine Life title, and it’s in progress. Stay tuned.