Installation Instructions for FineLife Vol. 1 ~

Sample the Universe


Mac Computer: 

1. The program will have downloaded in a .zip format. Double-click the file to unzip the content as a DMG file.

2. Double click the .DMG and a smaller window will pop up, showing the below:





3. Click on the FineLife logo and physically drag the program into the Applications folder. (You may or may not be required to input the administrator password.)


PC Computer:

1. Locate the downloaded .zip format for FineLife. Double-click the file.

2. A dialog box will likely appear, asking if you wish to install a software item downloaded from the internet. Proceed with the installation, as the software is safe to install.

3. Follow the remaining instructions to install the software. It is recommended that you keep all basic defaults for other such software you have installed already on your PC. At the end, you can select to have a Desktop Shortcut also created.


Open the program, connect your XenSensor, and enjoy!