Welcome to FineLife.com, my name is Kyle Widner. For eight years, my wife Jean and I owned a small company called "Wild Divine", which was a wayyyy ahead of its time computer system that used "biofeedback" to control the program instead of mouse and keyboard. Wild Divine was very innovative, and ended up in the Apple Hall of Fame. PS, I did not invent or design it, that was the brilliance of visionaries Corwin Bell and Kurt Smith. Wild Divine was an amazing product, but expensive and complicated to explain (and use). Not only did I run the company, I was an avid fan, and used it frequently. Unfortunately, the programs do not work on modern computers, and are no longer available.
What is the Heck is Biofeedback?
Imagine you are hooked up to a heart rate monitor, and watching your heart rate BPM (Beats Per Minute) on the screen. This is your "bio(logy)". If you think of something calming, or clear your mind of stressful thoughts, your heart rate will begin to decrease. You SEEING the number on the monitor as it goes down is the "feedback", thus the term bio-feedback.
Meditation, etc.
For simplicity, we're going to refer to anything that helps you calm down, relax, deal with stress, or clear your mind to be "meditation". We're just using the term here as an umbrella for all the different systems, beliefs, or methods that help people achieve inner peace, relieve suffering, enjoy better relationships, live a full and happy life, and simply smile more often.
The Universe is Available
Something amazing has happened, and not many people recognize how powerful it is. In the distant past, you'd need to travel to find a meditation guru and seek an audience. Eventually, workbooks and recordings of teachers were available. But today, you can access unlimited meditations and meditation training via YouTube. Literally, the world's wisdom has been dropped in our laps.

But with unlimited choice comes big confusion. Which type of meditation works best for YOU? This is a BIG problem. People are unique, everyone is different, YOU are unique and different. What works for one person might not help another. But do you want to choose a type of meditation, try it for two weeks and see if you "feel" better? There has to be a better, faster way to find out what works best for you.

The Solution
The Fine Life Bundle is a kit that contains the Xen biofeedback sensor, and "Sample the Universe" software. This allows you to combine almost any YouTube video with the science and power of biofeedback. See how different meditations affects YOU, in real-time, with instant feedback! No more wondering. Answers the #1 question every meditator has: Am I doing it right?

My Story

I'm an experienced meditator, fascinated by different styles of meditation. And not just meditation, but binaural beats, guided visualization, nature soundscapes, you name it. While developing this program, I tried something new, which was meditating to Shamanic Drumming. To my pleasant surprise, I began seeing incredible Xen Sensor scores indicating deep meditative states. How could something rhythmic and upbeat be so calming? The point is I now know something that works well for me, and never would have figured it out without the Xen Sensor. What will work best for you?
How To Get Started
Order your own Xen Sensor and included Sample the Universe software. It's only $97 with free shipping, and it's everything you need. When you order, we'll send you an email with some samples to get started with. And don't worry, it is super simple to use, and includes a step-by-step guide that will help you find your perfect meditation in no time. Comes with a 30-day no-hassle, risk free refund policy.

There are multiple programs being developed you can use your Xen Sensor with, including training with a real Zen Master, and an online world you can explore. Biofeedback can be much more complicated than just your heart rate; heart rate variability, breathing patterns, sweat gland activity, skin temperature and many other signals can be measured and interpreted.

Being able to control your physiology is important to your mental and physical wellbeing. For instance, being able calm down (lower your heart rate) when in a stressful situation can help diffuse a the situation, help you sleep, deal with difficult people or family members, and just feel better.

Search the internet for articles on the positive health benefits of a lower average heart rate, affect on blood pressure, etc. We here at Fine Life are NOT medical professionals, nor do we dispense medical advice, but read for yourself, the research is eye opening.

Biofeedback is established science. Bio (biological, our bodies) and Feedback (seeing the effect on our body on the screen). The Xen Sensor is a biofeedback device that connects to your earlobe and any Mac or PC. Using our software, it measures your heart rate and other signals of your physiology, and these are combined into your Xen Score. As your body responds positively, your Xen Score lowers.

Important! Biofeedback as we're discussing it here is NOT a cure or treatment for anything!