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Picture yourself at a crossroads, where the bustling highways of stress and turmoil meet the tranquil paths of inner peace and productivity. For many, this junction is where dreams stagnate, lost in the noise of daily struggles. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

In every one of us lies a deep-seated desire for inner peace, success, and a longing for a sanctuary amidst life’s relentless pace. “The Xen Bundle” is more than just a breakthrough in personal well-being; it’s a gateway to the fulfillment of a new, refreshed and revitalized you, a tranquil mind, a serene spirit, a clear path to success, and a life enriched by profound inner peace.

Sample the Universe” offers a new route, one that leads to the realization of your hopes for tranquility, focus and inner harmony.  Edwin from New Hampshire found his path: “I’ve really enjoyed ‘The Xen Bundle, it is rewarding and fun. The interactive connection is wonderful,” he says.

His experience echoes the results of many seeking a personal, engaging approach to finding inner stillness. At its core, “The Xen Bundle” is designed to connect you with a variety of scientific and wisdom practices, each offering a unique key to unlocking the potential of your mind and spirit.

We’re not born stressed, we learn it and absorb it over time. ‘The Xen Bundle‘ is how we let it go and rediscover the best parts of ourselves

This system isn’t just about trying random techniques; it’s about discovering a personal, tailored approach that aligns with your deepest self. 

Rebecca from Seattle found her oasis of calm in the midst of life’s storms. “Now, when I find myself in stressful situations, I am able to take a moment, breathe, and relax, and it just happens naturally.” she reflects. Her journey represents the hope of everyone yearning for a way to navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.

If your mind is stressed and cluttered, you’re not going to make good decisions, personal or professional. Spend some time with ‘The Xen Bundle‘ and you’ll recover what you’ve been missing.

The journey through “The Xen Bundle” is illuminated by the groundbreaking Xen Sensor technology, providing real-time feedback and guiding you towards practices that resonate with your personal needs. The Xen Sensor gives your journey a roadmap, offering clarity and insight into your quest for success and well-being. Each step with “The Xen Bundle” is a step towards realizing the best version of yourself.

It’s about uncovering the potential within, about transforming your aspirations for tranquility and balance into tangible reality. This isn’t just a product; it’s a companion for life, a guide to a more serene and fulfilling existence.

Consider the experience of Carrie from South Carolina, who found that “The Xen Bundle” was not only a gift to herself but also to her children, nurturing in them a lifelong appreciation for calmness and joy. She writes: “They were very rambunctious and disruptive, not paying attention to anyone. After a two weeks with the program, you could see the change, they were more aware of everything around them.”

The Xen Bundle” is your invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and rejuvenation. What will you uncover in your quest for inner calm and more productivity? What new horizons of success and serenity await you? The path is before you, and the journey is yours to embrace.

Let The Transformation Begin...

Release the nasty and nagging stressors that keep you from being productive and happy.

Annoying people will bother you less. You’ll smile when you used to get upset & couldn’t let go.

You’ll naturally begin to mindfully eat less and better deal with unhealthy habits.

Improved Clarity: You’ll make better decisions and become effective at manifesting goals.

Experience Deep Inner Calm as you rediscover the long lost parts of the better you.

You’ll smile more, and people will notice there is something “different” about you.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It.....

"My Best Friend Was Skeptical......"

My best friend was skeptical about this program, (she “poo poos” everything) but one day, she looked at me and said “Something is different about you, you just seem more together” LOL.

~ Susan Thomas


Boom! Finding balance in life as an entrepreneur with a family was a stressful struggle. Now, the 17 minutes a day I spend with ‘Sample The Universe’ is like Stephen Covey said, ‘Sharpening The Saw’, it makes everything else easier. 5/5 Stars.

~ Michael Gish

"Moments of Incredible Peace"

When I flew F-16’s, there would be these moments of incredible peace flying through the clouds. The closest I’ve come to replicating that feeling is with this program.

~ Pete Bird, Major, USAF (Ret.)

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

A breath of fresh air. I feel a sense of relief and renewal that I haven’t experienced in years. It’s like coming up for air after being underwater for too long.

~ Kaitlin Carlisle

If You're Ready for Powerful, Focused Calm & Productivity,
The Xen Bundle is the Perfect Solution.
It Includes Everything You Need:

The Xen Sensor

Embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling, balanced life with the Xen Sensor – your personal guide to unlocking the hidden treasures of your inner self. This cutting-edge device is not just an accessory; it’s a revolution in self-mastery and personal growth.

Imagine a tool that not only listens to the subtle signals of your body but also translates them into a clear, visual roadmap for peace, productivity, and profound self-awareness. The Xen Sensor does just that. It’s your companion in carving out a life filled with tranquility, focus, and deep personal insight. This sleek device empowers you to navigate the complexities of your emotions and thoughts, unlocking a state of zen-like serenity and heightened mental clarity.

With the Xen Sensor, every interaction with Fine Life’s software library, including the groundbreaking “Sample the Universe,” becomes a journey of discovery and transformation. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or just beginning to explore the realms of your mind, the Xen Sensor is your key to unlocking experiences that resonate deeply, fostering a life of calm, centeredness, and enriched personal understanding.

Connect the Xen Sensor to your Mac or PC, and step into a world where clarity and tranquility are not just concepts, but a daily reality. For just $147 or as part of the Xen Bundle, open the door to a new universe of self-discovery and limitless potential.

Sample the Universe Software System

Step into a cosmos of personal growth with “Sample the Universe,” Fine Life’s flagship software designed to enrich your life’s tapestry with wisdom, scientific understanding, and the art of relaxation. This expansive platform is not just a program; it’s a continuous journey, infinitely expandable through diverse content packs that broaden your horizons in stress reduction, productivity, deep inner calm, and success.

Sample the Universe” offers a suite of customizable features that cater to your unique path. Set the tempo of your experience with custom time settings, and dive deep into the realms of tranquility as you track your Heart Rate, Xen Score, and Breath Coherence. These meticulously crafted metrics serve as your guide in mastering the slow, deep breathing, serene relaxation, and clear mind that underpins well-being.

The software’s robust journaling feature adds another dimension to your journey, allowing you to chronicle your progress with precision. Tag and sort your entries to revisit those transformative 17-minute morning sessions accompanied by binaural beats, guided visualizations, mindfulness experiences, or any specific practice. With every session graphed and stored, “Sample the Universe” doesn’t just track your growth—it celebrates it, one breath at a time.

Mac/PC, Valued at $99, Included in the Xen Bundle

Amazing Value. Total value of the Xen Bundle is $457.95, For a limited time, only $247 with free shipping (46% off)

Zen Meditation Pack for "Sample the Universe"

Elevate your mindfulness practice with the ’19 Zen Meditations’ content pack, with Zen Master Nissim Amon. Designed as an integral part of your ‘Sample the Universe’ journey, this collection immerses you in profound Zen teachings, leading you to unparalleled peace and enlightenment.

Each meditation, rich in Zen wisdom, opens doors to tranquility and understanding. Accompanied by visually stunning animations that capture the essence of Zen, these sessions guide you to deeper levels of calm, as reflected by your lowering Xen Score – a visual representation of your journey to inner peace.

Integrate the Xen Sensor’s biofeedback technology to track and visualize your progress, turning feelings into tangible data. The pack’s journal feature lets you document insights, enhancing your reflective practice.

Beyond mere relaxation, ’19 Zen Meditations’ is a guide to personal awakening, offering a pathway to rebalance and rediscover your soul. It’s not just an escape; it’s a transformative experience.

Mac/PC, Valued at $37, Included in the Xen Bundle

"The Combiner" Pack for "Sample the Universe"

‘The Combiner’ is your key to unlocking rapid brain entrainment and unparalleled personal development. This innovative content pack combines four powerful modalities, orchestrating a unique symphony of mental and emotional growth.

Start with pranayama, where rhythmic breathing becomes your anchor. Overlay this with a rich tapestry of NLP-driven phrases and quotes, engaging and expanding your conscious thought. At the core, binaural beats in varied frequencies – from alpha to delta – weave through your subconscious, promoting relaxation and heightened awareness.

Witness your transformation in real-time: the Xen Sensor maps your journey with a visual Xen Score. Over a 21-day period, explore the dance of frequencies, each resonating uniquely with you. Record your thoughts and progress in a personal journal, creating a reflective map of your journey to self-discovery.

‘The Combiner’ is more than a program; it’s an expedition into the depths of your mind. Discover the frequencies that unlock your full potential. Immerse yourself in this odyssey with headphones for the optimal experience.

Mac/PC, Valued at $37, Included in the Xen Bundle

"Chakra Alignment System" Pack

Embark on a journey of spiritual awakening with the “Chakra Alignment System” content pack for “Sample the Universe.” This enlightening pack guides you through the mystical energy centers of your body, offering focused meditations to align and harmonize each of the seven chakras.

Begin your voyage with the Root Chakra, establishing a foundation of security and stability, then ascend through the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Each step is a meditation, a deep dive into the essence of each energy center, unlocking its unique power and potential.

Witness the transformation within as the Xen Sensor meticulously graphs your heart rate and Xen Score. Observe the tangible effects of chakra alignment on your physical and spiritual well-being. The comprehensive experience culminates in a grand fusion of all seven chakras, a symphony of energy that elevates your consciousness to new heights.

Journal your experiences, document your insights, and track your spiritual progression. The “Chakra Alignment System” pack is not just a meditation tool; it’s a descent into the core of your being, a voyage to balance, harmony, and enlightenment.

Mac/PC, Valued at $37, Included in the Xen Bundle

Audio MP3: 19 Zen Meditations with Nissim Amon

MP3 Audio version of the “19 Zen Meditations” Content Pack, compatible with any mobile deviceDive into the depths of tranquility with the “19 Zen Meditations” content pack, featuring the voice and profound teachings of Zen Master Nissim Amon. This exquisite collection guides you through a labyrinth of peace and enlightenment.

Each meditation is woven with Zen wisdom and stories that open gateways to Zen secrets. As Master Amon’s voice leads you into stillness and a journey towards inner serenity.

With each session, observe the transformation in your being, as the Zen Meditations pack doesn’t just offer a respite from the chaos but serves as a compass to your personal awakening. Embrace the journey, let go, and let Zen recalibrate your soul.

Valued at $17, Included in the Xen Bundle

Audio MP3: "The Combiner"

‘The Combiner’ MP3 pack revolutionizes personal development with advanced brain entrainment, designed for on-the-go convenience. This 21-day program merges pranayama breathing, NLP techniques, and a spectrum of binaural beats, offering a portable path to profound growth.

Effortlessly fitting into your daily life, each track invites you to explore and resonate with various frequencies, fostering unique insights and personal breakthroughs. Ideal for any moment of pause, ‘The Combiner’ transforms your relaxation, work breaks, or home unwinding into opportunities for deep self-improvement.

Discover your optimal path to wellness with ‘The Combiner’, a tool for unlocking your true potential. Best experienced with headphones for full immersion.

Valued at $17, or included in the Xen Bundle

Audio MP3: Chakra Alignment System

MP3 Audio version of the “Chakra Alignment System” Content Pack, compatible with any mobile device.

This enlightening pack guides you through the mystical energy centers of your body, offering focused meditations to align and harmonize each of the seven chakras.

Begin your voyage with the Root Chakra, establishing a foundation of security and stability, then ascend through the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Each step is a meditation, a deep dive into the essence of each energy center, unlocking its unique power and potential.

The comprehensive experience culminates in a grand fusion of all seven chakras, a symphony of energy that elevates your consciousness to new heights.

The “Chakras” pack is not just a meditation tool; it’s a journey to the core of your being, a voyage to balance, harmony, and enlightenment.

Valued at $17, Included in the Xen Bundle

Journey to Fine Life - 'Breathe to Win' Video Game

Embark on a captivating adventure with ‘Journey to Fine Life’ – more than just a game, it’s a path to personal rejuvenation and resilience. In this immersive experience, every mindful breath you take not only rebuilds a majestic virtual island but also fortifies your inner strength.

Witness the magic as you breathe new life into stunning landscapes and ancient ruins. Each breath symbolizes a step toward overcoming life’s challenges, be it loss, stress, or everyday hurdles. As you restore the island’s beauty, you’re also rejuvenating your spirit – gaining a sense of hope, serenity, and empowerment.

‘Journey to Fine Life’ offers a unique blend of relaxation and self-discovery. By integrating the act of breathing with engaging gameplay, it creates a powerful tool for mental and emotional restoration. Breathe in tranquility, breathe out stress, and transform your well-being with each inhalation.

Mac/PC, Valued at $49.95, Included in the Xen Bundle


The Xen Bundle will redefine your experience of stress and anxiety, leaving you with a clear mind and a deep sense of serenity. Imagine starting each day feeling focused and calm, wrapped in an inner peace that others notice and admire.

With the Xen Bundle, you’ll explore a blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology, unlocking a hidden sanctuary within yourself. This journey will not only enhance your personal relationships, making you more empathetic and connected, but also boost your productivity and focus at work.

Embrace this period as your turning point towards a future filled with well-being, deeper understanding, and an unshakable calm. The Xen Bundle is more than a program—it’s your path to unlocking dormant potential and embracing a life of gratitude and inner peace.


No Worries OR Risk… The Xen Bundle comes with a…

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back. For any reason, no hassle. PLUS, the Xen Sensor comes with a LIFETIME warranty. And Free Shipping.


The best investment you can make is to invest In Yourself. Only $247!

Real Transformations: Discover How
"The Xen Bundle" Changes Lives...

"Accessing Untapped Potential"

I was always a bit curious when my colleagues talked about how meditation and brain training helped them in all parts of their lives, and now I understand why. As an aside, I think you should talk about the “Journaling” feature more, I find it incredibly valuable to review and watch my progress.

~ Mark Gordon

"I'm More Patient With The Kids"

I’m more patient with the kids, more engaged my with husband, more focused when I’m writing. I call it “My Magic”. While it’s not “magic”, per se, it feels like it.

~ Lori Pemberton

"The Ultimate Brain Hack"

This is the ultimate brain hack. I’m a day trader, and lack of focus can cost thousands. The time I spend with the program before the opening bell is my most important part of the day.

~ Ryan Southland

"A Hidden Well of Happiness"

Every session with ‘Sample the Universe’ fills me with an indescribable joy. It’s as if I’ve discovered a hidden well of happiness within me that I never knew existed. Truly life-changing!

~ Tammy “Tipper” Burton

Let's Face The Truth Head-On... "The Xen Bundle" Works, And Now You're At A Crossroads With Three Distinct Paths Ahead Of You. Your Choice Today Can Redefine Your Tomorrow.

OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND RISK SLIDING BACKWARDS… By ignoring the opportunity the Xen Bundle presents, you may find yourself retreating to a life dictated by stress, anxiety, and missed potential. It’s the path of least resistance, but it’s also the path that leads back to the familiar discomforts and limitations of your current life.

OPTION 2: DO NOTHING AND IF FORTUNE SMILES ON YOU, REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE. It’s the safe choice, maintaining the status quo. But remember, staying still in a world that’s constantly evolving is akin to moving backwards. Without growth, without change, life can become stagnant, leaving you watching from the sidelines as others seize the reins of their destiny.

OPTION 3: MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY, AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE… Embrace the Xen Bundle and step into a world of self-discovery, inner peace, and expanded potential. This is the path for those who dare to dream, for those who seek more than just getting by. It’s a commitment to your well-being, a journey towards a more fulfilled, serene, and connected life. Choose this, and you’re choosing a future where you’re in control, where stress doesn’t dictate your days, and where every morning brings new possibilities.

>>> The best investment you can make is to invest in Yourself. Only $247! <<<

Incredibly Easy to Use...

The management and development team behind the Xen SensorSample the Universe have been developing biofeedback hardware and software for personal development and wellness since 2008.

Why do we do it? Because we love it. We’re not only the developers, we’re users of our own products. Each journey is unique, and the Xen Bundle is designed solely to help the unique person that is you find the most efficient path to the most powerful version of yourself.

Our sole goal is creating programs that help everyone reach their fullest potential, maximize their inner happiness, and live their finest life.

~ Kyle Widner, Managing Partner, FineLife.com


Any Mac or PC Computer (Desktop or Laptop) with an available USB port. Install the software, plug in the Xen Sensor, choose a program, and you’re ready to go!

NO! This is a LIFETIME purchase. Once you have it, you can use it forever.

If you can use a computer, you’re old enough (or young enough!) to use any Fine Life product. Contains no violence, gore, or controversial material. Safe, fun, and effective for all ages.

Yes! The Xen Bundle comes with a 30-Day, No Risk, No Hassle return period. If for any reason, you’re not happy, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. PLUS, there is a LIFETIME Warranty on the Xen Sensor device. 

  • The Xen Sensor, your master key to unlocking the mind-body connection for deep, powerful meditation
  • Sample the Universe software, Sophisticated, MultiModal, with rich journaling
  • Zen Master Nissim Amon’s 19 Zen Meditations for Sample the Universe. Unlock the Secrets of Zen.
  • The ultimate “Brain Hack”, The Combiner, for “Sample”. Biofeedback, Binaural Beats, NLP, and Pranayama.
  • Unleash your potential with the Chakra Alignment System for “Sample”. Powerful, underrated.
  • Take Fine Life with you on your phone or mobile devices with MP3 versions of Zen, Combiner, Charkas
  • A very special bonus, the  Journey to Fine Life video game, restore ancient ruins while you restore yourself, breath by breath
  • Everything you need, no subscriptions, no monthly payments. Free shipping. The complete system, only $247